When I was a kid, I asked my older brother, "Are there any movies where the BAD GUYS win?"

Hey, my name is Laynie, and I'm your eccentric single aunt with a lot of cats.

I fell in love with the Terminus arc in The Walking Dead two years ago before the group even got there. I'd probably never been more excited for something in a TV show, but sadly, while the time we got with our people-eaters was amazing, I found it way too short. The show missed an incredible opportunity to explore a new group of survivors.

I ended my three year writing hiatus and hit my keyboard again to expand on these neglected characters. I had no real plan beyond writing a one or two shot, but the characters ran away with me and here I still am, just as passionate about my story as I was in the beginning.

I hope you stick around and enjoy getting to know my characters.

→ I have an extended note at the end of To Be Hungry with answered questions for the series here: https://www.wattpad.com/239661313-to-be-hungry-walking-dead-terminus-backstory

✔ DO vote, comment, concrit, compliment, etc. Don't ever be afraid to speak up. I'm always open to starting a conversation with any of you.

✘ DO NOT send me read, read for read, critique, or follow requests. If you do this anyway, I will ignore you because I shouldn't have to explain this twice.

→ Fear The Hunters updates every 7-10 days, give or take.

Love trumps hate ;)
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Fear The Hunters [Gareth Lives: The Walking Dead] by mishafer
Fear The Hunters [Gareth Lives: The Walking Dead] Fanfiction
Survival comes first and at any price - a lesson Gareth and his remaining people take with them after Terminus is destroyed. They plunge into the wild, burdened by aches of hunger, pain, and fear, along with the ba...
To Be Hungry [Walking Dead Terminus Backstory] by mishafer
To Be Hungry [Walking Dead Terminus Backstory] Fanfiction
In the aftermath of the occupation, Gareth and his people are forced to turn to a new and brutal way of life. Survival takes priority above all else, and growing harder and darker is the price they must pay of it...
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