Hello... Mimi here...

So what can I say about me.. hhmmm.. I don't really know, but I will try to remember what my friends think about me..

My friends said I'm:
* Weird - because I don't act like my age and gender..(but I'm straight though..don't be confused) i also cannot eat hot foods.. i will have blisters if i eat one.. wheeeww...
* A mad scientist - because I usually ask my friends really weird questions and they said I know quite a lot of weird stuff.. they also said that I view things differently (really?) but hey, I made them realize that other view does exist..haha..
* Naive - hahaha...they said that I let my logic rule my emotions.... (i don't think it's bad..hehe)
* Like a child - well, most of my friends are older but only about a year or two.. plus i'm small, my height my body, my voice... *sigh* and also they said I'm innocent.. (really? maybe only my looks... mwahahaha..)
* Kind - (awww.. finaly they said something nice....) i don't know the reason why, they said that..they just said I'm kind..(weird friends...)
* Sporty - ah well.. yeah I like sports.. but I was never an athlete..it's one of my frustrations.. aaarrggh...

well, that's all I could remember for now..hehe..maybe I'll add some more later.. that's if I could remember some more..hehe..

So, for the stuff I love...hmmmmm... I like..
1. Reading... of course that's why I'm here..hehe..
2. Music.. can't live without it.. especially my guitar..hehe.. I'm also trying to learn piano but I'm not sure if I'm making any progress..haha..
3. Badminton-- I miss it big time!!!, basketball, running.... i miss all of it.. uhu..uhu...
4. Movies.... i like any kind as long as it has a good story and effects..haha..(i'm a mad scientist remember?)
5. Ice cream yogurt...chocolate...marshmallows..haha..yeah kid stuff...

Well, I guess that all, though right now I'm just talking to myself.... weird...
Hope to meet people like me or people who will like me..(although i doubt if there's one) hehe... ja ne!
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@pinkheartstrings ah nasa earth pa naman ako kaya lang medyo out of this world ang buhay ko kase ewan hindi normal.. Haha
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