i enjoy reading.
chillin with friends.
etc. hahaa.
i write my stories in my free time.
usually when i can't sleep at night
or im bored at where ever i may be.
i love constructive criticism so if you have any msg me or cmt.
writing is not what i want to do in life just something to fill some free time.
so obviously it might not be up to par for some
and sometimes i read over it and think its a bit jumpy
so eventually i will be going back and re-working it a bit.
vote.cmt. fan.
i love getting emails telling me i have a new fan or cmt.
it makes me smile.

lots of love,

you can now follow me on facebook also if you like ....
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miiranduhhhh miiranduhhhh Jan 22, 2013 05:53AM
sooo I've finally updated 'his dark angel' I know it's a little short and I haven't edited it. but anyway hope you enjoy! 
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