If you guys could please read my storys, YOU WOULD BE AWESOME, it won't take more than a few minutes.

A few things about me:

~ I am super short!!! I'm only like 4,10 and I'm also done growing:(((
~My birthday is 08/17/98( which makes me 16)
~ I love to make some new friends!
~I think everyone likes me, but I'm really not for sure.
~I am straight as a line can get.
~ I'm single<3
~ I have two younger brothers. That are super annoying
~I love to read and write stories.
~One of my all time goals is to get one of my books published one day.
~ The best sport is gymnastics.
~I also like playing softball.
~I only have one friend that is on Wattpad which is @kmooks, you should go check her out if you like fan fics.
~ My favorite color is lime green.
~ My favorite book series is defiantly Divergent!
~ My friends think that I am crazy.
~ Talk to me anytime, i won't bite
~ I love to write story which is usually romances and fantasy.

I love to talk to everyone so if you want to make a new friend DM me!!!

I also do follow for follow, read for read, and anything else at anytime!

XOXO Ashtyn
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mighty_midget22 mighty_midget22 3 months ago
Just to let everyone know, I have add chapter 12 of Our Unknown Powers!!! So please go check it out. It would mean so much to me!  Also there is a special gift at the very end!!!
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