Hi! :)
          I just wanted to thank you for becoming a fan! It really means a lot to me and it's super appreciated! :P


          I'm geny and I was hoping if you could read my story The Guy Haunting Me or Im a Sophomore in Highschool in Love with a 7th grader. Pedophile much!!
          And please tell me what you think on whichever you choose to read...if you do..maybe even vote and fan ......Plz and Thank you


hi there.
          I was just dropping by if you could visit my profile and check out my story entitled
          i also have a collection of poems to read. hope you could comment or vote on my posts.
          thank you.


           I would really appreciate it if you could read my story:
          Red Rose Dying AKA Sweet, Sweet Revenge
          I would be very happy if you took a look at it, or even fan, vote or comment! :P
          If you don't, its okay...but it would be amazing if you could!
          Thanks for reading my message,


hi :) 
          sorry to bother you, but i was just wandering if you could read my story, Medony? i'm sorry to ask, because i know how annoying some of these comments might be, but it would mean so much to me <3 i understand if not, hahaha! thanks anyways! take care ;D


Thank you so much for becoming a fan and for taking time out to read my stuff.It means a lot :)


hey your profile is awesome. wen u get a chance can you check out my stories? Thx!!!=]

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