HELLO THERE! (*^▽^)/

* My name is Selene

* I love anything that has to do with Mythology - especially GREEK (Love Artemis, Gaia, Apollo, Hades etc...)

* Love wolves as well! Had 7 dogs when I was little :D (´∀`)♡

* People say I'm weird but then again, if I wasn't life would be boring... for me anyway... Cant keep my imagination under lock and key *teehee*

* Some people call me vampire because of the way I often dress and look
~ not gothic like - no offence to those who are but it's just the vibe I give off they say... and my TEETH

* I love fantasy / romance / action basically anything that gets my heart going (^o^)

* I absolutely HATE watching Horrors but I don't mind reading them because then I could just imagine myself giving them a but whooping and show them who's boss (THAT'S ME \(*T▽T*)/ )
- When they say a picture speaks 1000 words they weren't kidding...

* I like writing but I always find it hard to stick to one story so I'm hopping from one plot to another

* Sometimes I like to use events that happened in my life for my stories so basically 'some' parts of the stories I write are true

* Dreams are my INSPIRATION :D as they can give me the best fantasy plot ever <3 but theres always a chance that its based on something I saw :(

I don't mind when people say something bad about my story, if they do then I know what I need to do to be a better writer and please don't hate me when I just don't write an update for one of the stories and I've started another... Its just in my nature to jump and started another

ANYWAY I think I've said enough and hope everybody would have a good time reading (not just my stories but others as well :D )
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midnightchangeling midnightchangeling May 25, 2012 11:53PM
@chcltlvr28x2 Yep I am a percy jackson fan XP I alway wish there were more books on Greek Myths like Percy Jacksons but Wattpad has it all :D
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