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♥ about me ♥
Michi or Kiyomi | 19 | FAsian | Bisexual | Mtn Dew Whore

♊ Graphics ♊
Examples: http://imgur.com/a/Wgjbi#0
Graphic Threads: TAFWVG (Closed)
Contest Threads: Hiring judges for 12 Days of Competition
Critiquing Threads: None at the moment.
Tutorials: None at the moment

✑ Accounts and Contact Info ✑
Writing Account: @Michiyokiyomi2
Email: michiyokiyomi@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michiyokiyomi
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Michiyokiyomi
KIK: michiyokiyomi
Tumblr: michiyokiyomi2.tumblr.com
Ask.Fm: http://ask.fm/michiyokiyomi
Snapchat: michiyokiyomi
Shadowplay: michiyokiyomi

~*~*~*~Official Stalking List~*~*~*~

@_thecanadian - This chick is so sweet and her books are amazing :)

@MrCheeze - Her books are to die for. If you haven't read them then you don't even know real writing :|

@AkilaKM - An awesome awesome girl who I love to death <3 She is special to me

@Eevee_ - She's an awesome designer and an even more awesome drawer. I love her artwork and she is extremely funny. Plus, she has awesome hair ;D

@graphical - I have to stalk her :P I'm her personal cheerleader! YOU CAN DO IT!
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Opposites Attract (Poetry)

Social data: 2.6K reads. 14 votes. 15 comments.

Description: I originally wrote some of these poems for my girlfriend Emily for Valentine's day.. Now I add poems in remembrance of her <3 I will never stop loving you Emily. No matter how many years we are apart.

21 Parts - Completed

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Poems From Shallow Human Emotions

Poems From Shallow Human Emotions

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Much easier to keep track of my poems this way... I feel so late xD

Random Riddles!!

Random Riddles!!

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Test your riddle-solving skillz in a book of originally written riddles! All of these were written by ei...

Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List