here are some facts about me!!!

Relationship status: single :(((( and a lovesick bitch

Hobbies: writing, daydreaming, drawing, doing theatre( we are doing the little mermaid this year :D), playing ukulele and piano, learning new languages, I LiKe hIstOrY
^^^ basically all forms of art except for last two

Dislikes: homophobes, scary strict angry teachers/ppl, STUPID FUCKING SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS, ppl who replace me with other ppl when they get bored of me, and much more

Likes: people who relate to me and stoof, LAMS, BOYF RIENDS, TREE BROS, AAAAAAAAND MUCH MORE MUSICAL SHIPS, musical lovers, gay ppl that I want to date, ppl with freckles, and a lot of other things

Personality: personality type is infj, I'm an Aries, though I realate to all the other zodiacs much more than Aries ( if you could mash up all he zodiacs together, that would be me), I'm Very sensitive, I FINALLY HAVE A COUPLE FRIENDS YAY, my name is CLASSIFIED INFO YOU LITTLE STALKERS! No but you can call me basically whatever, preferably a musical characters name (even tho I'm a really big girly girl I low-key like boy names more), aaand my face gets red REALLY easily.

More about me will be revealed when I start writing my books, so make sure to pay attention to the authors notes( A/n ) sooo ya! That's it for now, goodbye girls, boys, and all you non-binary or what you identify as amazing people!!!
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