Work work work lol XD I'm busy reading and voting on other stories and commenting on them plus updating my own stories


@michaeljacksonfan108 hey how u doing hope all is good 


Hey I saw that you're a fan of 30stm, I think you would reaaaaally love my fanfiction about Jared Leto, called Limerence. 
          Check it out ;D
          in the first chapters, Draco is going to take over the leading role but the further you get, the more you get from the lovely and hot Jared ;p
          People love it so far, but I'd love to know your opinion too :)❤
          Have a great day xx


Hey ♡ You would make me really happy if you could read my new story, it's called "Our Secret" {it's a Michael Jackson Fanfiction} 


Hi, sexy! I’m Evelyn and I wanna play some adult games with you.. Write to me! 100% free! Let’s have fun! copy


Hey everyone who is following MichaelJacksonFan108,This is a message for you followers from her:
          Im Doctorwhofan1999 and I am michaeljacksonfan108s sister my sisters phone stopped working and she can not get on her account so I let her use mine


Idk if you all can see this but I'm Doctorwhofan1999 I'm michaeljacksonfan108's sister she wanted me to tell you her phone had stopped  working and she won't  be able to update any of her stories and shes very sorry.


I'm in the hospital do to being sick but I might be going home IDK yet I'm so sorry for not updating  I really enjoy writing my stories for you all love,