Hey guys, 
          	Chapter Five of 'The Break up Pact' has been released. 
          	Hope you enjoy xx


I really love ice cream teasing and akward situations and I also alr love the breakup pact so I wanted to ask about books similar to it bcs I can't find any like yours. if u do than ty sm! 


          Hope you are doing well
          On my side I am about to bug you.
          It's all your fault.
          You wrote a book that made me faal in love with Mia and Ethan
          Then you came up with the brilliant idea to write Ethan's POV since you KNEW your readers were craving it.
          But now...
          If i tell you most days i open Wattpad ONLY to check for an update, no lies would be told.
          I'm struggling to find any other book that keeps my interest.
          So if you can muster up some inspiration to give us some Ethan crumbs...
          You have no idea how big your fanbase is.
          And i selfishly hope this book stays available to everybody as the treasure it is.


@jomjumjam agree. I was invested from beginnig to end. It's rare to come across such a treasure


@EstelleNiemand  frrr the 1st story I ever read on wattpad was ice cream teasing and awkward situations is so GOOD  It's so hard to find a good story similar to it 


Hey guys, 
          Firstly, I’ve just uploaded a new chapter of my new book, ‘The Break-Up Pact.’ Be sure to read it if you are interested. Thanks for all the support I’ve received so far. 
          Also, I’d like to announce that I’m official a part of the Wattpad creators’ program. If you don’t know what this is, this is a new initiative to help creators such as myself gain earnings for their work as well as providing education, guidance and support. 
          Due to this program, I am having to focus on finishing my book, ‘The Break-up Pact.’  This means it might be a few weeks/months till I can write ‘Ethan’s POV’ for those wondering. I can assure anyone interested that I am by no means giving up on this story and have every intention of still finishing it. 


@miadaley17 can't wait to read it
            I love your stories
            I could spend the whole day reading them♥️


@miadaley17 super duper excited for your new book... Can't wait for exams to be over to try it out ❤️


@miadaley17 am so so ready and hyper excited for a new book.


Hey!! I liked ur ice cream, teasing, awkward situation novel incredibly it was just super romantic and btw I love bickering couples and for me, that's the super hit. So I am just hoping for the next part of this book of will and zoe as a couple. XOXO :-)