ello lovies i have been DEAD for months oh gee- well, first of all, happy API (asian, pacific islander) heritage month :D second of all, i should have formally said this sooner, but i won't be active on wattpad anymore (if u haven't noticed already lmao-). i've kinda grown out of my wp phase and i'm not very interested in writing nor reading fanfic :(( i hope u all understand, and i wish u all good luck in ur wp adventures :D 
          	it's been a good run, and i'll try my best to keep in touch. i am fortunate to have met u all and to have received incredible amounts of support on my books. i think one day i'll eventually unpublish everything, but i'm hesitant to do so w/ liar bc of how attached i am to it (albeit in retrospect it is SUPER problematic  imo yikes). but ofc, thank u again for being by my side for two years. for now, my talented besties, have lots of fun! i'll miss u dears <33 
          	- rie :)


@mercuryswaltz come back when you’re ready


Take care, and stay healthy during these times. Thank you so much for everything, best wishes! 


I'll miss you so much rierie!! Please please don't delete liar (。•́︿•̀。) i mean, it's obviously up to you, but i really LOVE this book. Take care sweetheart, we'll all miss you here !! Love ya tons<3