Hello bitches, This is the gay section of hell. One of Satan's personal favorites. I am mentalydrunk and I will be your tour Guide. Honestly being a redhead, they should have given this job to me sooner. I could have been doing this job millenniums ago, but Noooo.  I had to live on earth! On earth for crying out loud!! Ahem, back to what I was Saying. This is all gay and every book will have smut. Are ya happy. You can get all the lady boners and regular boners you like! Enjoy!!!

A bit about myself:

I am a redhead
I am a horny bitch
I am 13
I have an unhealthy addiction to anime OTP is Ereri/Riren
Irl OTP is Ohmtoonz
I am pansexual
I love Simon Curtis
I am very perverted
I am female. You got that FE-MALE!
I love anything to do with Gore, murder, serial killers, blood and anything else horror.....Except for needles. KEEP THOSE THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!⚠️WARNING⚠️I'm a yandere and am very territorial of anything that is mine.
I love Five night at Freddy's, scary Spagetti aka creepypasta and mythical creatures. I also have an unhealthy obsession with this app.
My favourite music artists are Panic! At the disco, set it off, three days grace, Melanie Martinez, lady gaga, twenty one pilots and nightcore by a youtuber named Zen-Kun.
I am king of the stars also known as leo, so Satan has control of the stars as well.
I have a brother that I actually get along well with, he's 21. Other then my brother and my mom my family is shit. My parents are split, dads remarried to a nit-picky sexist, homophobic bitch who hates my obsession with anime, so I'm happy I mostly live with my mom. I have four step siblings who pay no attention to me and a step nephew who is an absolute nightmare. So yea, also I don't need your pity, Satan grew me to be strong, and no I am not part of a cult I'm just his little red headed daughter. So goodbye.
PS: I love anything gayy
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Rival packs (boy x boy)
Ethan is a 16 year old redhead that happens to be gay. It's a big shock when he learns that he's a werewolf...
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