For those of you who know me, you know that my name fits my personality perfectly!

I love werewolf stories and hate vampire ones
I'm more here to read than to write and hate to update the few stories I start because I'm lazy
I'm addicted to wattpad and could and have an spent entire day writing or reading on wattpad
I am huge nerd who is on math team
I have major OCD issues hence the multiple librarys that I have spent a lot of time sorting and resorting and relabeling and moving. I can't help it!
I am the most impacient person in the world and get really annoyed with my stories
I can be really slow at writting
I love procastinating
I find the best pictures on google
I don't particularly like one direction but there are some great parodies for their songs out there
I have a slight addiction to youtube
I love a verry potter musical and this is the greatest song ever (I'm a little obsessed with Starkid)

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Werewolf: #778

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Werewolf: #822
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mentalinsanity mentalinsanity Jun 02, 2013 03:48PM
@lstornelli27 @vampireluver23 thanks and yay awesome birthday card and an update I feel special!
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Description: Jess is living the good life being an only child with lov - well mostly loving parents, a boyfriend that loves her as much as she loves him named Pete (the alpha's brother), and amazing werewolf skills. She go...


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