You may have noticed that I have deleted my stories. I want to apologize to those who may have been in the middle of them. 

I am currently taking my time to rewrite them. Hopefully I will post them on Wattpad sometime in the future, but don't look for them to be posted anytime soon. This summer is crazy busy for my family and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Once again, I apologize to those who may have been reading Just A Kiss Goodnight or Just You.
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ShuHui posted a message to meljar2010
I really really love Just A Kiss Goodnight. I read it several years back and I am disappointed to find it deleted after downloading wattpad again!! Please upload it soon!!
      It's weird how I'm still reading your book. You said you deleted it,  but I still have it and I'm rereading it again for the 5th time. You have good wiring skills,  I love it.  
      I was just thinking about your book and went on a wild hunt to look for "Just a Kiss Goodnight" and realised you have deleted. its so unfortunate, I hope your baby is doing well and your getting in to a good routine but I know how difficult they can be. BTW even if you don't post it on here and get it published I would definitely pay to read it! It was very well written and I hope your not to busy to post it soon... Take care xx
Wolfi66 posted a message to meljar2010
am i the only one who somehow still has them saved in the library on their phone?? dunno how but i can read it anytime i want. And for some (stupid desperate) people's info: no ofcourse im NOT gonna copy and repost it, not even with the originals writers name.