>>I'm out spoken, approachable, FRUGAL, easily to befriend, happy, God fearing, braggart (if necessary, and in a nice way) :))
>> I believe in Fairy tales. :D Wishing I would end up happily ever after with my dream guy, whom I think doesn't exist yet. :D
>> I love cuddling people I love. :D

>> I can’t live without a pen and a notebook. :((
>> EVERYDAY I list down all of my expenses. I so Love organizing. :D
>> I can finished eating a family sized pizza all by myself. :D
>> I usually read novels with one sitting. :D
>> Most of the time I'll be seen at a Karaoke bar with my best friend, singing almost every song we can find in the song book. :D

>> At present, I’m a college student taking up BSFS @ Lyceum of the Philippines - Cavite. (FS- Doesn't literally stands for "Friendster" if you would have easily thought) haha!! :p :D
>>I'm good in singing!! With no cockiness included. XD
>>I’m in love with The Script. I Really Love their songs.
>> I have 2 cats one named "secu" taken from the word security. He was named after that when he was found near a security guard at a bank. My mom saw secu following her and never leaved her everywhere she goes.So she decided to brought secu home. He's so cuddly and fluffy with orange/brown furs, no doubt he sometimes looks like Puss in Boots. He's so cute!!! :) The other one is named Negro, he's the Alpha between the two. :)) This two cats were so in love with me that every night they sleep beside me, and scratches my skin if they cuddle. (Thinking that my skin is made up of scratch pads) haha!!

>> I would love to learn how to play piano and guitar only if it’s for FREE!! :D
>> To lose my jelly belly. Within a month. Ö
>> To write a love story and be first published here at wattpad. :D

The sweetest Thing I’ve done to someone:
>> I recorded my voice while I’m singing “someone’s” favorite song. :) Ü
>> made someone my version of cordon blue. :D
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