LOVE to read so I finally decided that I should write some of my own stuff for practice and for fun! 
If you do ask me to read your writing I will read it... eventually. JK!

I'm a HUGE music junkie! (queen, prince, the beatles, modest mouse, death cab for cutie, fall out boy, taylor swift, the maine, we the kings, the classic crime, weezer, artic monkeys, smash mouth, dion, all time low, spoon, aqueduct, the killers, my chemical romance, muse....I could go on FOREVER!! But those are just some of the big favorites.)

I'm also a GLEEK! Big Glee fan! It just makes me feel so happy :) FINN IS A-MAZING!!

My fav sport would be soccer! My fav team is Manchester United!

I would really appreciate it you'd give my writing a chance, i've only every shared some of it with friends so uploading my writing so the world can read it is a big jump. And like most writers, bad criticism is one of my worst nightmares but it is also an inevitability so I don't mind if you have something constructive to say. Just be polite when you say it. (aka no, 'this sucks! go die in a hole.' None of that, its just mean!

One more thing, I am incredibly sarcastic so that will defiantly be in my stories!

Alright, I'm done rambling! Go read your hearts out! :)
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Any new ideas that come to my mind that I just need to get written out. Please comment on what you think! Thanks!
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