Hiding Who I am

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Honestly I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am that you guys love this fanfic so much. I know I've been really bad about uploading new parts and I really hope that changes. Please continue to read on and I will do my best to continue to write it.
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Everyone has their own Chamber of Secrets
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Demetria Lauren Evans Snape, had found out she was a wizard at the age of 10, she knew she'd been adopte...

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I know I've been really really crappy about posting new parts to my We All Have Our Own Chamber of Secrets (Book 2) of my Hiding Who I Am Series. Recently though I have been posting at rather decent rate I think. I hope to keep this up and maybe possibly finish the book by the end of the summer. Who knows if it'll happen but I'll try to keep the Harry Potter feels hyped up so I can write. Then it'll be book three which will probably be updated verrryyy slowly as the school year goes on. Thank you with sticking with me through all this time, I can't even describe how amazing you all are. You've stuck with me for a long time, I mean I'm relatively sure that Hiding Who I Am  was first posted 4 years ago, I mean so much has happened. I was just 13 years old when I began writing it and now I'm seventeen and I can't believe how far it's all come. I promise to give it a try at continuing to write all these as I have had it all planned out since the beginning. I hope to continue to write this series throughout college even, and I will do my best to try and set a goal to finish by the end of my college career. After all we still have to finish the second book, and there will be a total of six books after that. Then there will be a second generation series of about 5 books though these ones will be a lot shorter and probably will contain a lot of time skips. So that's the plan going forward, please stick around and to continue to read the series. The comments and enthusiasm you guys have for it really keeps me going.