I'm Katherine, you're neighbourhood friendly Wattpad Ambassador. I'm 24 years old and have been a Wattpadder for over 5 years.

I'm an avid reader and writer.

This year my goal is to complete at least two new books and edit the Devil''s Assistant at long last.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/me2you804


THe Book List

The Devil's Assistant (Cover by makedammsure) (C)
Hell's Angels (C)
Apocalype's Horsemen

Letters to Angela (C)

Truth Or Dare Series:-
* Truth Or Dare...I dare you to love me...(Covers by lydzydooda and Lil_Princesz) (C)
* Truth Or Dare: Could this be love? (cover by lydzydooda) (C)
* Truth Or Dare: Forgotten Promises (Cover by lydzydooda) (C)
* Truth Or Dare: After The Happily Ever After (cover by VioletFaith1905 )(C)

The Dimensions Saga:
Escape From Antoria (C)
Becoming Atlantian (C)

Excalibur Rising (c)
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The Billionaire's Housekeeper

Social data: 1.3K reads. 112 votes. 12 comments.

Description: Nicholas Davenport needs a housekeeper. With a multi-billion empire to run and two overactive children, widower Nick needs all the help he can get. What he doesn't want is complications. Betsy Jones needs a job. Her sister is sick and her own life...

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Fugitive (sequel to Becoming Atlantian)

Fugitive (sequel to Becoming Atlantian)

14 1 1

Aubrey Winters, ex librarian and Atlantian is a fugitive. On the run, Aubrey has escaped from Atlantis w...

Becoming Atlantian

Becoming Atlantian

68.3K 1.8K 201

For as long as anyone can remember there have been myths and rumours of the island Atlantis and how it v...

The Devil's Angel (The Devil's Assistant Series Book 4) #Wattys2015

The Devil's Angel (The Devil's Assistant Series Book 4) #Wattys2015

5.8K 425 47

The threat from the Apocalypse’s Horsemen is over but the trouble is just beginning. Savannah Holmes...

#629 in Fantasy
Truth or Dare ... I dare you to love me

Truth or Dare ... I dare you to love me

2.1M 14.5K 1.6K

Taylor Fox arrives at university ready to start fresh away from nagging parents and annoying brothers. B...

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Free Book Promotions continued... 
      Rise of Nations: Valkyria by @JamesOrdell [Fantasy, Action, Adventure].
      A epic story of glory, death, faith, love, friendship, war and mystical creatures that will (I hope) leave you breathless and craving for more, Tyori and Varnad are two regular boys in the middle of the Great war that has cursed the lands of Servein for the last 30 years as they fight to find one another, Arveina is a old but powerfull mage who is also a friend of the Elfs and Tavard is a poacher who is lost in his battle over a Demon Fate, Among Dragons, Elfs, Dwarves, Walkers, Mages and Demons there is one more nation bound by dark magic they are the Nightcrawlers. Nightcrawlers have not been seen since the Gwillith war 2000 years ago when the mages cast them out the last time, but as the Friars Church opresses the mages and walkers they will once again reapear to haunt and kill people. The age of Dragon riders has passed and only a handfull of them remain in Servein. Soon all 8 great Kingdoms will be in war, fighting between each other while in the darkness the Ancients lead the Nightcrawlers to massacre thousands of innocent. Who can stop them? Who will throw them back into the darkness to be once again be guarded by the Tribes of Khudan?
      Promo 2:   Black Butterflies by @EmmyJane18
      To an observer Silver Line seems like your ordinary town. On the inside it's quite a different story. 
          People are dying in mysterious ways and a war is brewing among the towns people. 
          Follow Anya Lamia, a teenage girl who steps out of the comfortable illusion of Silver Line and into the supernatural reality.
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On another note, I'm deleting my Free Promotions Book. What I will be doing over the course of the next day or so is tweeting and generally promoting the books over my channels.  
      First up Stacey's Secret by @Withlove_direction  (Fan Fiction, Romance)
      Stacy Whitaker, a young girl with a  secret. A secret she longs to tell to someone but doesn't know who and isn't sure why she should. A secret that could make or break her.
      Promotion 2 : Eternal by @baymax
      http://www.wattpad.com/story/11219784-eternal-book-1-in-the-eternal-trilogy  [action/humor/fantasy]
      Rupalia is a teenager with a tragic past, but she always forces a smile to brighten up the day.
      One day when she heads out to swim in the ocean, she is pulled down by a strange creature, and is rescued by a boy, he drives her out into the desert and tells her he will hide her, for the world is not safe if she is alive.
      But Rupalia's power's are growing worse and worse by the day, she's having strange dreams, but what if these dreams are more than just dreams? What if they are shadows of her forgotten past? The dreams are more than just a story waiting to be told....
      Promotion 3 : The Darkness in her Destiny by @DmSaskia [Werewolf, Fantasy]
       Hi, you probably don't know me but I'm the reason that you never hear about werewolves. I've hunted them down and killed them since I was twelve, seeking revenge for my mother. I will never stop until the day I die or the day the Lycan's are wiped out. And who am I? If I told you I'd have to kill you.
Hey all, 
      I hope you all are having  a great weekend so far. 
      I'm currently working on the next chapter of The Billionaire's Housekeeper. I hope to have it completed today but I might not have the post up until tomorrow. It all depends on how fast I can type and how fast my brain comes up with ideas as I'm pretty much making this book up as I go along. 
      If you have facebook, please remember to head on over and like my page. I had to delete my old page so I've started again from scratch so that means I'm back at the beginning again. My plan is to release bonus content and additional information about the characters on the page. 
Hey everyone!
      The site seems to be super glitchy today.  If you notice disappearing numbers, stories, profiles, don't worry!  This is a glitch affecting everyone right now.  The team are aware of it and it should be back to normal shortly.