hi there! thank you so so much for reading and voting on 24 Hours! i appreciate it a lot <3


Hey can you check out my book I’m writing it isn’t long only 6 chapters so far if you can’t I totally understand. I’m just trying to gain readers and see whether it’s good or not lol  if you can here’s the link https://my.w.tt/dTAekrPCoN


hey, sorry to bother you. I couldn't help clicking on your profile - that prof pic is 10/10 and your username is great XD - and noticing that a lot of the books you read are in my genre. it'd be great if you could read my story "beers" if you have the time. :)


hey! kudos to my good friend for taking that picture lol, can't take the credit and thanks, i like my username too ha! i will definitely check out your book!