• Heyyo, I'm Freya, but most people call me 'Missy' because of my love of Doctor Who, and my username being mastermissy, as in the Master called Missy. (sksksksks I have to explain this too much lmao)

I'm more into reading books on this platform than publishing books, but I will try my hardest to get over my anxiety about stuff, and put words onto a page, and then a chapter and then a whole story, or whatever.

Also, I'm extremely late with things, so lmao. When I post things, most of them will be really late. (Like months or stuff)

My twitter @ is down below. Idk if I'm going to put any more links down there, as I am a lazy asshole (And I've got school too so lmaoooo). I rant a bit on there, and I try to talk to as many people as I can.

I'm gonna shut up now.

Follow me on Twitter: @shortliguori
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