I cannot explain how busy life has been. Im sorry for being so bad with uploading (bad is an understatement) but I have just started a new story called 'Running Out' (until I can think of a better title), and have just posted the first chapter:
          	So please give it a read and tell me what you think!! xxxx


Um hi? I read your book "Living with the Bentley boys" and the last time I checked, I was reading it in 2016 and are you ever gonna update? Please tell us if u are or not because you're giving every body false hope. I don't mean this in any bad way, but I really want to know.


Hello! my name is Sydney and i love your book living with the Bentley boys. You haven't gotten an ask in a while but its been a year and although patience is a virtue i (you see) am not that patient. YOU LEFT US AT A CLIFFHANGER FOR A WHOLE YEAR. i personally believe you have nothing to change about the story so please with sprinkles and chocolate syrup UPDATE.


@Sidsquid1224 hey my love! Jesus I i didn’t think any one was still
            Reading these ahahah!! I’m sure I have a chapter written somewhere!! x