[Aug 6, 2016]

Hey lovies. Good news, my inner writer has been revived. Looks like I'll be returning to wattpad after all. Here are the details:

NCAWG: I am re-reading the entire story at the moment, mildly editing chapters, mainly to remind myself of a few key things for the continuing of the story. Will change the title of this eventually, it offends a lot of peeps, I made it years ago not really thinking. It would suit me to change it because I want to make a love story for each werewolf. I'll ease into it.

TDWPB: After I re-read through NCAWG, I can perhaps give attention to this.

[Aug 11, 2016]

IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! As you've seen all chapters of NCAWG have been quickly edited. Never Call a Wolf Gay will be having a new title: Wolf Chase. Excited ^.^



***Status of Stories***

Their current status will be in thus order before posting: Have not started, Writing, Editing, Revising, Updated. Once I finish updating it will be posted and then it starts all over again. The date of when it was last updated will be behind the story's name. Keep in mind, I'm updating more than one story at a time, so it does take some time.

July 04 NCAWG [Chapter 22] - Writing

August 23 TDWPB [Chapter 21] - Editing

July 20 IAGIAABBS [Chapter 7] - Editing. . .


Just a cool girl trying to get her ideas on paper. Please don't forget to comment and vote!

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will." ~ George Bernard Shaw
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