Hi, some may remember me if they enjoyed "Marked in a Vision", "The Traitor's Daughter", or even "The Witch Prophecy" which are now available on Amazon Kindle.  I'm also trying Nook Press from Barnes and Noble although currently I only have "The Traitor's Daughter" available.

I enjoy writing and although I think I still need a lot of work, I'm going to continue to write even if it's just for me.

I have many projects started, but I've lost my focus on where I want to go with them so I'm going to start putting them on here hoping that i can get some critiques which will help me find my direction.

I will appreciate any, and all, comments even if I don't really like them, but that is what helps us as writers to improve on our own technique.

I hope you do enjoy any of my new stories and please leave comments to help me improve my writing.

Thank you,
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Stories by Mary
Blood Daughter by magoldberger
Blood Daughter Vampire
**This is new one for me. I'm not really into vampire stories so this was merely something I wrote fooling around. I only have one chapter and it's been sitting on my computer for almost a year now. Let me know...
Chance Meeting by magoldberger
Chance Meeting Werewolf
Do you ever know where you come from? That is a question Falyn O'Brien asks herself every day especially after the death of the two most people in her life. And yet, answers may be closer than she knows... It all...
Vacation Affair by magoldberger
Vacation Affair Romance
Romella 'Mel' Higgins only wanted to help her best friend... She didn't know that it would cost her the one thing she kept safe... Her heart.