Mae is my middle name, sorry you don't get my first, I have a phobia of stalkers.
I am 17 and have diverse interests.

Heres a poem that will help you get to know me:

A good book, a sweet look, heartfelt hugs, fun coffee mugs

Cheesecake, t-bone steak, my sweet puppy dog, a slow jog,

To simply paint, no restraint, bargain shop, soda pop,

Truthful words, singing birds, falling snow, sloppy joes,

A rainstorm, to be warm, living art, and fresh starts,

I truly love all the above, don’t expect me to be perfect.

I’d really fail, fast as hail. I can only be little old me.

So here's the deal, I'll just be real, a tall girl, n’ a dear pearl.

Now lets see what else...
I'm a country girl.
I'm a Christian whose probably even more flawed than you.
I'm a farm raised girl whose the youngest of five with four brothers.
Reading has always been one of my top five pastimes.
Writing is new and I'm dabbling so any suggestions are welcome.
I have a monster sweet tooth.
I like animals but I'm not obsessed.
I LOVE hats.
I enjoy painting and drawing.
My friends consider me quiet but I just don't talk unless I have something to say, usually.
I have so many questions about life that will never be answered but hey that's life. :D
I love fantasy and science fiction and action and adventure and just a touch of romance, I'm still a girl even if I was brain washed by my four older brothers.

All of my stories are All Rights Reserved.

Don't steal my stories. I'd be forced to hunt you down... or have one of my brothers do so...

Just kidding but seriously don't steal my stories. I'd be thoroughly vexed when I found out.

Anyways, feel free to message me anytime. I'll get back to you. ;D

Oh and if I ever get published it would be under the name Mae Lavada, Mae Hollow or Mae Huns, tell me which one you like better ;D. Haha yes I know I'm so optomistic. ;D

Mae Lavada- 1
Mae Hollow- 0
Mae Huns- 0

Through a Masked Maiden’s Eyes: Adventure #645 Fantasy #411 (YAY)
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mae96lit mae96lit Mar 28, 2013 01:29PM
More poems for your enjoyment. :D
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Description: This is a collection of poems I have written throughout the years. I am not a poet but I do enjoy dabbling.


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