Hey, guys! I'm a Utah-based graphic designer with a side-passion for writing. My favorite places in the world are Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia (I've lived in all three) and I speak Russian. I love to read, write, paint, cook, and watch reruns of The Office and Parks and Rec. 
I was on Wattpad from 2011-2012, but I deleted my account because I was trying to focus on getting my degree. Which makes me sad. But I'm back and will likely be uploading the only story I wrote from before that I'm not too embarrassed to post (We Should Get Jerseys), haha.
Anywho, get to know me!
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What He Saw

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Description: There are just some people that you never expect to see again. Your first grade PE teacher, for instance. Or a pizza delivery guy. Or the girl who was only in one of your high school classes for a month before...