hey guys my name is aritro :)

i'm a guy who loves listening to music, hanging out with my friends and the best thing of all i love to WRITE
well this is the deal i kind of think that writing is something that makes people feel special, connects people from every place and its something you can express which you cant do normally i feel that when your writing you are seeing something that the normal eye cannot notice

other than writing i love to have a lot of madness and craziness to life( believe me they can be extremely different to one another) well i want to be a sucessful writer or director and thats where i need you to help me i have written many things and i will be posting it soon so just tell me what you think how can i improve what can i do anything

well hope you would like reading my stories as i will be when i would be reading yours.


if you would like to contact me please email me on this ID


post on my blog


thanks ;)
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madfreakwriter madfreakwriter Jul 03, 2011 07:11AM
@ananya1995 dude chill its fine @Ezwam Othman listen man why are you doing this ????? screw it.
            ananya-dont know when man havent got time 
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