Hi~! I'm Maddie. I love anime in general. And cats :3 I also like to draw and write! :D I'm also on Fanfiction. My username there is the same! :)

My favorite bands include: Creature Feature, One-eyed Doll, Rufus Rex, Lily Allen, Vocaloid, THe APH OST, and others that I'm too lazy to write down! :)

Plus one obsession: Izaya Orihara! X)

I'm currently in the process of a collab story with slasheRR~ ^^

I also love Creepypastas~! My favorites are Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, BEN Drowned, The Statue, and several others I am too lazy to write down! :3

By the way, check out my friend, MickeyGurl22! We know each other from school, and I may write something with her in the future!

Update after like a year: HETALIA ALL THE WAY, FRUK YEAH!!!

ANOTHER Update after a few years: DURARARA!! IS LOVE. DURARARA!! IS LIFE.
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