*sharpens machetes silently while eating a burrito* Oh..uh didn't see you there..*hides machetes*

Welp first of all I would like to thank you for visiting my profile, whether it would be from stumbling upon one of my many...dirty perverted comments or just curious to know more about me...for some reason but oh well.

•I'm the epitomy of nerd as my friends would call me, but I can't disagree cause it's pretty obvious I'm a poindexter

•I enjoy staying in bed all day with a mini fridge stocked up on boba milk tea, snacks that would ruin my non-existent diet, wifi and some good stories to keep me busy, whether it would be paperback or from e-book, as long as it's good, I would be at peace.

•I'm an official member of ARMY, but aside from that I'm also a moomoo (mamamoo), Ahgase (GOT7), WIZ*ONE (IZ*ONE), pink panda (apink), once (twice), innercircle (WINNER), Neverland (G-Idle), Elvis (AOA), Aroha (Astro) The B (The Boyz), Ki-Ling (Weki Meki), HIgh (Pristin) and Young One (TXT).

•If I were to find out werewolves or vampires were real, I would gladly hunt em down for myself cause I'm pretty sure normal human males would be too scared to even talk to me...*sighs*

Oh and fyi your bitch has a pool & a hot tub full of holy water which "hasn't" been used in ages...hehehe I need help
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