I'm a little anti-b!tchy, but Iooooove to hang out with my bestie XxSnickerzxX. 
She's my other half and I love her to death.
My sister is Kaleighjones60.
I am in college now. Wow, yeah. And I still DON'T date.
What's the point......
My favorite book on wattpad is She's One Of The Boys.
Saxon may be jealous and territorial but it's so hot.
My favorite colors are black, green and purple (most likely for a long time, their just so pretty).
My favorite animal is a tiger.
I love Soccer and Volleyball and swimming.
My favorite people in the world is zy & Jav .
My favorite drink is Mountain Dew.
The quote that I love the most is, " Judge me and I'll prove you wrong. Tell me what to do and I'll tell you off. Say I'm not worth it and watch where I end up. Call me and B!TCH and I'll show you one. F^ck me over and I'll F^ck you up. Call me crazy but you really have no idea".
Fan>>>>> @kaleighjones60 cuz she's my sister. Dah.
Fan>>>>> @lverlaine cuz she's an amazing writer. And make sure you read My Husband The Superstar.
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luvmeyrround luvmeyrround Oct 24, 2011 10:03PM
@karisma08  your welcome gurl!!!!
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