Hi I'm Arely and I'm Sam, we're cousins.

We made this account so we could write stories together just cuz we have nothing better to do LOL XD


_8_ _8_ _8_ _8_ _8_
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(_____) (_____) (_____) (_____) (_____)
\\\\/// \\\\//// \\\\//// \\\///// \\\\////
\\\\/// \\\\/// \\\\//// \\\\/// \\\\///

There really messed up muffins, but who cares! XD
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    It's a surprise, shhhhh! XD
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    Dec 17, 2011 06:36PM
lunatics4life lunatics4life Oct 28, 2015 04:31PM
Just Uploaded MGIAM?! Whoa! 
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Gay Turn Straight

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Description: When you're in love, you do crazy things. Mike Olson is one example of this. When he finds out that the only way to be near the girl he likes is for him to be gay, he does it. For seven years he's kept this ac...


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