Hey, what's up? My name is Luna. I'm a high school graduate. My last name is negrete but it's soon to be Rodriguez cause me and my babe are getting married. Anything else you wanna know hit me up ^~^
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The Grimm Reaper's

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Description: Most teenagers like to say that their families are strange. That their parents are freaks, or that their siblings are annoying. For Lolita Reaper, that is not the case. While most kids would hate to take over their family's business, Lolita wants no...

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I remember you

I remember you

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Damien Priest has always been the 'black sheep' among his family. While his siblings were considered 'ge...

I only serve him

I only serve him

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Scarlet can't remember much of her childhood. The only thing she can remember is being taken from her fa...

The other me

The other me

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Clara Thomson has struggled with self-esteem issues since she was in the seventh grade. Only being able...

Black river High

Black river High

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Katherina has always been a normal sixteen year old. She had two loving parents, and a good life. She al...

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"Leave me out of this! Jeremy is not to be involved in this!" I hear Jeremy faintly yell from the living room. Liam growls and peaks his head out the door, telling Jeremy to shut up and mind his own...
so I just said i loved him, my husband woke up asking who, I said Jeremy. and he took my tablet away as punishment-_- but he didn't take away my cellphone!!! \(.~.)/

She hung up on me. She actually hung up on me. My wolf was going crazy. I was going crazy. I missed her even though I probably didn't have the right to miss her. I lost that right when I agreed to ma...
oh hell no!!! *goes on a Spanish rant*
      my husband: "babe calm down!"
      "i can't! the bitch needs to die!"
      "ok we'll kill her together, now please calm down ok? i have a popsicle now relax." *eats popsicle while husband pets my head.