♡ Some facts about me ♡

- My name is Maya (or Maja)
- I live in Serbia and I hate it.
- I like watching anime and reading manga.
- I'm most of the time sad, but I'm trying to be more positive.
- Reading books on wattpad is my escape from reality.
- I like many types of music, but I love kpop, jpop and rock the most.
- Bts is my favorite kpop group.
- I have red dyed hair.
- I personally think I'm weird.
- Kim Taehyung is my sunshine.
- I like cats.
- I have twin sister (which also has wp account) and older brother.
- I'm going to medical school.
- I want to go to Japan so hard.
- I personally think that I was born in wrong place.

So that's it, you can message me any time
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