It all started on that fateful day when I was five, Lucifer came to me and held out his hand, "follow me and we will render cities to ash." He stated rather confidently. I then said ,perplexed, "Where the fluffballs is the pink glitter." He then gave me some of his wing glitter, begrudgingly but that's not important. 

A week later I had sold my soul for a cornchip through some odd chosen wording but that specific decision has yet to backfire on me.

My first teacher said I was the spawn of satan, I informed her he doesn't like that nickname and my origin is yet to be revealed. My therapist said he wasn't real but I have the inkling she changed her mind after the freak fire of 98

Lucifer has been a good friend so far and he even made that one guy burst into flames for trying to hurt me in primary school. Bullies amarite. I still can't stand the smell of bacon but its a sacrifice I have to pay.

Interesting fact, Lucifer is yet to render a city to ash, I guess it's because i haven't taken his hand and followed him yet. He's been following me around for the last 20 years. Sometimes I think he's forgotten he has a job to make hell on earth but I digress.

He likes reading Nickifer fanfics which he told me not to tell anyone which is why I'm writing it in this bio.

He thinks I havent noticed him on here when I'm supposed to be sleeping but god does he comment a lot. He also has a thing for that Jacob seed guy but can you even blame him the mountain man is a wall of a man.

He asked me if I think hes the Jekyll to my Hyde yesterday and honestly if we're one in the same the world should be worried.

Let the chaos reign.


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peace out, bitches.
*drops mic*
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