Why hello there fellow stalkers/marshmallows/and smurfs. No need to worry I'm not prejudice.(LOL totally spelled that wrong) Well if your here you probably want to know about me. So here goes.

I'm energetic but I guess I can blame it on my two brothers *shuddering* devil spawns they are.
I always wanted to be blue.
Elmo scares me. So does Barnie. And Dora. And Chuckie. Yes I have many fears.
I'm what you earth-lings might call sarcastic but I'm really a softie deep down. SHHHH don't ruin my street cred.
Anyway I'm athletic but then again I live for BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!Ihave a huge library on Wattpad and at home!!!

I have wild curly brown hair that have highlights of red (completely natural)with DARK brown eyes
HEHEHE not telling you my age or where I live you creepy stalkers(not that I'm prejudice)
I'm an unaccomplished author with possibly no chance of succeeding but a girls gotta try right. RIGHT?
Well I'm what you might call weird and my conscious somehow takes over more of my brain then whats really safe.
They should make a barbie with no hair,so every little girl fighting cancer can feel beautiful. Put her in pink,name her HOPE and send all proceeds from sales to a sick children's hospital.Post this on your page if you agree.A little girl somewhere deserves this.

Oi! Check out BestDamnThing!!!!!

I'm a proud fan of Rebecca Black, stop being haters,*shaking finger at you meanies*
Oh and I don't appreciate cursing, the worst I've ever said is fudge and for back comments please try to refrain from something that will make my mother cry.
Ok I guess that's it and you should know that I appreciate every SINGLE FAN,COMMENT, OR VOTE. It means a lot to me, so help this kindred heart. Besides if you had this much time to read this you could have possibly read my stories . DUH!!!!!!!
Ok asta la wego.
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@AddySkates Kk...lol though, it'll rarely happen though since my phone or done reason won't let me chat,I guess it kinda doesnt allow that feature. Sorry for rambling, it was a pleasure to fan you, y...
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