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I just love the sky that's all. End of the story. Loljk. =))
I get more and more curious about what the sky really looks like. And what the world looks like from above.
I write stories to express myself not to impress.
Also, I am not a professional writer so please lang.. wag niyo po akong awayin (If ever man na may mang aaway sa akin sa future)
Feel free to criticize my works. Pero sana po in a nice way okii? Tandaan niyo po, 14 pa lang po ako. Malamang hindi pa ganun kaganda ang mga works pero at least nag effort di ba? hahaha.
Yun lamang, tenks.
- Ninie
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What I did for Love.

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Description: 4 stories. Different people. One world. Love and sacrifice. Tears and Pain. This is what I did for love.


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