Don't follow your dreams; chase them.

A truth from yours truly, don't follow your dreams; chase them. Everyone is beautiful smart and funny. But this is all coming from the girl who extremely self conscious and spends most of her time gawking at the opposite sex and reading books.

Well, my name is Dylan Paige. I am not your average teenage girl. I'm average when it comes to my looks...brown hair brown eyes. But, I am not average when it comes to my personality. Twilight caused me to believe in fairies not vampires.

I write teen fiction, romance, and paranormal romances.

I am original, I am the freak that every strict and prissy mother would hate for her son because she has a different outlook on life.

I honestly can not live without my best friends and the male species.

In a world of black and white I am the red comet that shoots across the sky at night.

I am the fire that burns through the ocean.

I am misunderstood by almost everyone.


I am me.

I am your friend.

And I love you.
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lovereject lovereject Aug 12, 2012 01:21AM
Okay you guys. Hi! It's me! I really love you guys! I don't really write on this account anymore so PLEASE fan my other account StylishImmortal. It's where I write. Thanks! Peace. Love. -Dylan
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