Okay soo umm...I don't have much to say so let me get straight to the point.
I adore soccer- it's my boyfriend...
I'm super nice..just dont make the mistake of pissing me off- im patient, but there's a limit
I love to read, write, and play guitar- all three are my major passions!
I don't really care about what you have to say if I don't like you...I will also make a point of saying it to your face
I hate liars- if you're one of them please stay away! :)
If you read this- you're a real sexy beast ;)
I don't care what anyone looks like just as long as they have a good heart-it's all that really counts :)
I AM IN LOVE WITH LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!! (For those of you who live under a rock, he is the sexiest man from One Direction [the others are just hot] :)
Kay that's it :) Don't wanna bore you here :P
@BehindTheHiddenLiesX This chick is amazing..So you should go fan her and check her out. She's an amazing friend and an amazing writer. But best of all, she fans back ;)
@BadForMyEyes Amazing writer that will have you hooked on her sexy book. So go fan her and see for urself what youre missing my lovies :)

xx-Martha :)
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    New Jersey :) (NO NOT THE SHORE -.-)
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