Did anyone every notice that Wattpad is MADE IN CANADA, I just noticed. 
AnyWay~ GREETINGS!!!!!
I am LostintheAbyss, LiAlH4+h2o, idiot, baka, weird nerd girl or what every you wish to call me(though Sa-chan would be nice). I am currently a freshman for nursing so I may often disappear for periods of time.

Foods I LOVE:
Maple sweets
Maple syrup (the real stuff, i can drink it straight)
And anything with a high sugar content

Skip beat
Rurouni Kenshin
One Piece
and many more i find myself too lazy to type.

Terry Brooks' Shanara series
Cirque du Freak
Dante's Inferno
Paradise Lost
and a lot of other
PS I read The Twilight series & Sookie Stackhouse, i didn't die but they are just really trashy romance novels that remind me of my grandmothers paperbacks... That somehow got really popular.. but if Edward was on the chopping block i would enjoy the show.

I like to cook (and eat), write poetry and short abandoned fanfics (but as i am not evil i will not subject you guys to either), read, critique, and annoy everyone in a mile radius...
oh and money love money <3, and Nessie, and PASTA~ and cookies!
In fact I joined the darkside since they can make a mean dark-chocolate marshmallow cookie.

My pet peeves are constant bad spelling (can forgive it but now we live in the age of auto-spellcheck), worser , no explanation on how characters got powers like sharingan & when people write and do not space it out so it is a large blob of words that hurts your head.

I don't mind bashing hell i can enjoy bashing of ANY character even my favorites.

If Bieber/Edward/cyrus/etc were about to jump off a several story building, 90% of girls would cry, 7% would cheer on lawnchairs below & demand a flip, 3% would be up there 'helping' them get down quickly with a push. I would be ready to gather the remains & sell them on ebay.
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Any Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fans out there in need of a new fic to read! Inner Demons by Dittoball only has two chapters so far but they are multi-page and very good. Her OC Scarlet Jay is develop...
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