«I'm really glad I met you.»

I'm like coffee. because I'm dark and bitter and most people don't like me without changing some aspect of who I am.

Black is not sad.
Black is poetic.

«You just haven't found a reasons to live yet.»

«Fear is your enemy and also your best friend.»

«It's all right, I can stand up again all by myself. Even if I'm all alone. I will survive.»

«Death is not friendly. It's dark, black where you look at it. You're all alone. But, it's not too different from life. It doesn't metter how many relationships we seem to have. We're all alone.»

«It's so sad when people die.»

«How does it feel to not exist?»
«Not so great.»

«No matter how much power you have, there's a limit to everything.»

«You humans are so full of yourselves just because there are so many of you.»

«Someday I'll definitely make you mine.»

«If you're not gonna fight, get the hell out of here. That half-assed attitude ain't saving anyone. It'll only get you and your comrades killed.»

«A real sin is something that you can never atone for.»
«A real sin can't be erased, no matter what you do.»

«I wanted to protect everything, but I couldn't. That's my sin.»

«We've all got stuff to hide that we feel guilty about, right?»

«No matter what lies you tell. You can't fool your own heart.»

«Listen to me. You're strong. Really strong. You've done amazing things. You just don't realize it yourself.»

«Everyone has to die someday. But... What they believed in will never fade away as long as someone protect it.»

«Memories are merely information. Creating or erasing them is not difficult. What I want to understand is the "emotion" that reaches beyond them.»

«I don't know what I should do for someone who is suffering. Nor what I should say to comfort them. Or even what expression I should be making. That's not written in any book.»

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