Hi guys, Lollipop here and welcome to my wattpad page.

--About Me--
I am a 14 year old girl who lives in California.
I go by the name lollipop, Doug, and my real name which i will not say. but if you followed me from a long time ago you knkw my real name.
I have a dog named bella.
and my fav youtuber is Aphmau.

My Fan-Fics\Books is mostly going to be about Aphmau's roleplays or a rondom thing that my friends told me to do.
I only have one book thats called "Wolf Girl"

I upload when ever i have time.

And one last thing I only have 1 rule if you want to be an real (haven't made a name for my fans yet) then pls do not be mean to other people that's the only thing i ask for.

--Follow me--
hey peeps it eould ne awsome if you follow me on instagram my name is julia_42802.

If you want to request something for a new chapter then just text me it easy as that. But if it's to inappropriate then i will not do it (my book is not a lemons book).
If i dont text back to your question or comment then I'm probably busy pls don't think that i don't care and wouldn't answer it because your not speacal inuf.
And pls don't be mean about how i type the only person that can do that is my editor because 1 i know her and 2 because its funny as hell when she edits the chapters.

See you guys later
Lollipop out
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