:) #LoveisLove seriously I don't care whether they're both boys, girls or straight couple or even siblings. I love their chemistry and no one can f*ckin stop me from shipping them! :D

*I may post my fic ;) im working on it*

Brace yourself here comes a long bio!

Im a hardcore fangirl and a fujoshi ☆yoroshiku ne~!☆
In love with 2D boys :'} #otakuproblems
But Enma Ai and Hatsune Miku are my waifus ♥
So many fandoms, not enough time

Love Supernatural, The walking dead, Harry Potter, The 100, Sherlock, Game of thrones, Anime, Middle earth series, Vocaloid, BTS, One direction and 80s 90s music

{SPN} >> ♥Wincest. Megstiel♡
{Vocaloid} >> ♥RinxLen, GumixLuka♡
{Ao no exorcist} ♥YukioxRin♡
{SNK} >> ♥Ereri, YmirxChrista♡
{Free!} >> ♥Rinharu, Makoharu♡
{Owari no Seraph} >> ♥Mikayuu♡
{Naruto} >> ♥SasuNaru♡
{Ao haru ride} >> ♥KouxFutaba♡
{OHSHC} >> ♥TamakixHaruhi♡
{Corpse party} >> ♥NaomixSeiko♡
{HxH} >> ♥KilluGon♡
{YnS} >> ♥HaruxSora♡
{Gravity falls} >> ♥Pinecest♡
{Boondock saints} >> ♥ConPhy♡
{Gumball} >> ♥GumWin♡
{Creepy pasta} >> ♥JeffxLiu♡
{Sherlock} >> ♥Johnlock♡
{The 100} >> ♥Bellarke♡
{GOT} >> ♥JonxDany♡

-Notice my ships are all fictional so dont be immature and bitch about it-

Thank you for reading -if u did I dont think anyone would tho-
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