:) #LoveisLove seriously I don't care whether they're both boys, girls or straight couple or even siblings. I love their chemistry and no one can f*ckin stop me from shipping them! :D

*I may post my fic ;) im working on it*

Brace yourself here comes a long bio!

Im a hardcore fangirl and a fujoshi ☆yoroshiku ne~!☆
In love with 2D boys :'} #otakuproblems
But Enma Ai and Hatsune Miku are my waifus ♥
So many fandoms, not enough time

Love Supernatural, Doctor Who, The walking dead, Harry Potter, The 100, Sherlock, Game of thrones, Anime, Middle earth series, Vocaloid, BTS, One direction and 80s 90s music

{SPN} >> ♥Wincest. Megstiel♡
{Doctor Who} >> ♥DoctorxRose♡
{Vocaloid} >> ♥RinxLen, GumixLuka♡
{Ao no exorcist} ♥YukioxRin♡
{SNK} >> ♥Ereri, YmirxChrista♡
{Free!} >> ♥Rinharu, Makoharu♡
{Owari no Seraph} >> ♥Mikayuu♡
{Naruto} >> ♥SasuNaru♡
{Ao haru ride} >> ♥KouxFutaba♡
{OHSHC} >> ♥TamakixHaruhi♡
{Corpse party} >> ♥NaomixSeiko♡
{HxH} >> ♥KilluGon♡
{YnS} >> ♥HaruxSora♡
{Gravity falls} >> ♥Pinecest♡
{Boondock saints} >> ♥ConPhy♡
{Gumball} >> ♥GumWin♡
{Creepy pasta} >> ♥JeffxLiu♡
{Sherlock} >> ♥Johnlock♡
{The 100} >> ♥Bellarke♡
{GOT} >> ♥JonxDany♡

-Notice my ships are all fictional so dont be immature and bitch about it-

Thank you for reading -if u did I dont think anyone would tho-
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