Half the people I know think I'm sarcastic. The other half believe I'm witty and hilarious. I like to think I am a mix of all three.
Random thoughts that keep me up at night -
I believe almost any problem can be solved given enough ice cream and confetti. My obsession is coffee. I'd rather read a book than watch TV, and my dog takes precedence over most humans.
I suffer from wanderlust.
One day I plan to overthrow the government and rule the world.
If aliens exist and one day come out to the public, I'm going to be so angry I was never abducted.
Last, please understand I am not a professional author. I write for fun. I share because I love the feedback. The fans. Please, though, follow only if you know patience.

*I do not own any covers or pictures used on Wattpad. All rights go to the respected owners.*
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live4thenight live4thenight Mar 10, 2016 07:28AM
Okay, sorry about that, everyone. Don't know why wattpad wouldn't let me save the preview, but it's up now. (I think) Please read the short chapter of Wolf Marks and tell me what you think of the new...
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Wolf Marks (Book 2)

Social data: 733 reads. 81 votes. 46 comments.

Description: This is the sequel to Wolf Prints. I will supply a summary at a later time. There will be some use of strong language, though it will be minimal.


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