Because i have no idea what to write in these "About Me" sections, here's a short list of random things 'about me.'
I'm an amateur writer who only writes because i enjoy it.
I name almost all of my characters after people i know or have met.
I like all types of movies except horror, which scare me into cuddling with my dog all night.
My dog does not like horror movies, either. Mainly because they make me suffocate her while we sleep. lol
I once made my little brother believe he was an alien i was cultivating for his alien mother so she could come back from mars and eat him one day.
I got in a LOT of trouble over that one.
Yes, it was worth it.
I love comedies. Make me laugh and i'll be your friend forever!
Starbucks is my biggest weakness.
I'm a night owl, so i hate mornings with a passion. Seriously, i'm like a zombie before 10 AM. Wake me at your own risk.
The beach is my favorite place in the world.
I have an unhealthy obsession with Johnny Depp.
Music is my passion.
I'm a hopeless romantic but i have a terrible relationship phobia. Which is kind of a double negative, isn't it?

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not fan me under the assumption i will fan you back. I will only fan people who i think are amazing writers, and trust me when i say i am very selective. It's nothing personal. I'm truly sorry, but i won't fan someone who only fanned me because they wanted me to do the same back. I love all my fans, but i want them to be my fans because they enjoy my writing, not because they wanted me to fan them in turn.

Tall glass of water, i know *sigh*
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