Ugh! I never know what to put on these things! So irritating ... Ok things about me...
I'ma chick (gasp!)
I love music (Who doesn't?! ...idiots) open to just about anything (can say i hate country cause i've never met a country song i like) but i do like hip hop rock heavy metal rap etc etc
Like to write (obviously) read (dur) and draw randomness
bananas are mushy
I don't like reading Vampire or Werewolf or the like stories
I also hate cliche stories (yes i know my story is called Cinderella had it easy but the title is making fun of how ridiculous Cinderella is)

Let's see more about me....
I'ma go to school to be a pharmacy tech (yes boring but hey i kno it'll pay my bills) i call it being a legal drug dealer :)

I like pie (yay me!)

I'm sarcastic but i at least *try* to be nice

Also im the shrink for my friends, i could so black mail everyone i know... :D
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