"I may not be the best writer, but I am one. My stories are what they are and no matter what I do not give up on them."

√ Beautiful.
√ Original.
√ Crazy.
√ Unperfect.

*Lets Cover A Few Things About Me, Shall We?!*
1. Mess With My Unperfections I'll Kick Your ass.
2. I'm Really A Very Sweet, Funny, And Caring Person Unless You're On My Bad Side.
3. I Support My Friends And Family In Everything They Do.
4. Acting Is My Talent. Singing Is My Hobby. Dancing Is My Passion
5. Purple Rules. So Does Bacon. And effing Chicken Nuggets.
6. If You Ever Deny Girl Power, I Might Just Have To Go Lady Gaga On You.
7. I Love Traveling around but i hate being in a car for hours... so i love/hate it!
8. I dont put any of that "Post This If You Like To Laugh" Stuff on my wall. I either make my own, or nothing. I dont care if i like to laugh and even if i do then it really isn't worth wasteing space.
"Ghost love? I would never dream of taking such a leap. Yet here you are making it work."
-Lianna Bright

"Oh holy bieber ! Lmao.
Please update lol"

"it's amazing how you take a question so easily asked "Is there life after death" and turn it into a love story starring the reader. And the script-like font is something you don't see everyday. Really unique and completely fun to read for anyone, believer in ghosts or not."
-Lisa Grover, Lead writer of School Journalism Association

"ThIs story is amazing I hope you'll continue"

"i love the story!!please
upload soon!!!"

"It's so good, so effective and just a great plot overall."
-Hannah Giovion

"i love your story please
continue.... :D"

"It's crazy great, the great thing is the second person point of view that's extremely rare."
-Yvanna Dinster

"keep it up! you are so good, can not
wait and see what happens!!"
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littlemizzunperfect littlemizzunperfect Aug 15, 2013 10:31PM
@Fangurl_Zaminadld aww thanks (: I'm glad you enjoy it, I'll try to update
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