I am a lostboy from Neverland. 
I am a fangirl at the heart.
I am 13
My name is Izzy (or Elizabeth)
One and Only + Trust = life
Charlie (my dog) ❤️❤️
Winter is my favourite season
My favourite colour is green
Third year Slytherin
Chloe is my best friend
Chloe is ma Harley Quinn
I am apparently a water dragon
I love to listen to Hasley
Suicide Squad is my favourite movie
My BFF is Nick and Chloe
Mattie is my fan fiction Soul Sister

My favourite OTPs:
Dramione, Romione, Hinny, Drarry, MariChat, LAdrien, Adrienette, LadyNoir, Hiccstrid, Keeta


My Pottermore house is Slytherin
My Patronus is a Tigress

My wand:
Black Walnut wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 1/4" and rigid flexibility

I will update when I am ready to. It may take awhile, but I will get it out. Do not bug me about it and do not write hate comments on my stories. If you don't like my story, stop reading it.

8 Amazing films
7 Books I'll keep forever
5 Friends that went to the Ministry
4 Triwizard champions
3 People that became saviours
2 People died saving their son
1 Thing left to say: △⃒⃘lways.

Dear Bullies
See That Girl You Called A Social Misfit? She Has A Disorder That Stops Her From Living Life.
See That Girl You Called Fat? She is Starving Herself. See That Old Man You Made Fun Of For His Ugly Scar? He Fought For Our Country.
See That Young Boy You Just Made Fun Of For Always Being Sick? He Walks Home In The Snow Because His Family Is Too Poor.
See The Girl You Just Called A Slut? She Is A Virgin. See The Boy You Called Lame? He Is Working Every Night To Support His Family.
You Never Know What Is Happening In Someone's Life. Don't Judge Them.
Re-Post This If You Are Against Bullying. I Know 95% Of You Won't.
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My grandma just offered me a trip to Disney land or Harry Potter world. I looked at her and said "Draco Malfoy. . . Harry Potter. . . Honestly woman, you call yourself my grandmother. . . " So next m...
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I don't own Miraculous Ladybug.
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