Hey guys, my name's Tori :) 

I love to write, about pretty much anything you can think of. My favorites are supernatural and action, but I've written/read a few romances....And I've been known to occassionally indulge in fanfiction. Especially when begged to by my best friend, who happens to be obsessed with One Direction.

Hmm what else? I'm kind of a nerd. Me and my textbooks have dates on Friday nights....Just kidding, I never do homework on Fridays. I do, however, spend most of Sunday with my face buried in AP class homework...College credit better be worth my anxiety levels.

Writing is my stress-release. I'm a pretty loud person, sometimes a bit too loud...But at the same time, no one really listens to what I say. And I get it...To be honest, I don't listen that well either. So I write. It calms me down, and lets me get all these thoughts out of my head. My characters do all the things I wish I could do, whether it's being totally random and the coolest kid in school, or kicking major monster butt in an alternate universe. I hope you enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing it...

Also, If want me to read your stories, dont be shy about telling me!! I would love to...Just dont expect it to be immediately. I love comments, so please leave some!! Pretty please? I love you, reader!! <3

One more thing. A warning. I cuss in my stories, and it's pretty frequent. I'm not going to pretty it up for someone who doesn't like my language, so please don't read it if you can't handle it.
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