Hi I’m sorry for asking but do you think you could check out my book and give me honest feedback?? You don’t have to but it would really help me out. Tysm<33


ehi ciao ho appena pubblicato il primo capitolo di una nuova storia che sto scrivendo, ti andrebbe di dare un’occhiata? grazie in anticipo se lo fai  si chiama Meringa al caffè 


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Hey thx for the follow and also sorry to ask but is it alright if I ask you to check out my recent book for me and tell me what you think? Much appreciate, lotta love <3 


          Hi lad! hry? hope yu're staying good and fine, if you don't mind dear will you check out my new book which is a larry content for a better support? help me for giving votes and comments and if have tym can you pls advertise this story to your pals?  and one more thing don't forget to check my another book too! lysm! HAND TO YA! :)
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Thanks so much for following me. It means a great deal to me. Hope you find some of my books fascinating. Have an awesome time reading and writing.


hello! i just started writing my new draco x reader fanfic called ‘mischief managed’. i would really appreciate it if you could check it out, if you have the time of course. have a nice day <3