A 20 year old trouble maker. A proud supporter of recreational Mary Jane. An identical twin who is waiting for society to change. Why do we have the values that we have? Who cares about anyone's gender/sexuality/life descions. I didn't realize that me smoking pot caused natural disasters. Oh wait, it doesn't. So do me a favor..... live your life your way and I will live mine. Be you and life will be so much more enjoyable. Ignore the judges in life. Being you and accepting you is the 1st step to a great life.
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lindseywstar lindseywstar Jun 08, 2013 05:49AM
I updated Somewhat of a New beginning! check it out!!!
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Somewhat Of A New Beginning

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Description: Maximina a 17 year old girl whom struggles with panic attacks and post dramatic stress must show her old town that she is better then the names, the stories, and that she is strong. She is Max; a girl ready to...


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A poem about life. In this poem I describe the body reactions to father's behaivors. I got my insperatio...


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