BAD BLOOD is updated, so sorry for the delay!


Hi! This message, right here, love, is for you! You are a living legend and I absolutely love you and your books! They have nothing but everything in them, romance, intensity, drama, fun; dude, everything! I absolutely adore your books! I took a short break from Wattpad and the moment I came back, I got to know that you are writing this new book, BAD BLOOD! And I was hooked just by the description, 'cause that suspense ensues, you see? I love it! I wish you good health in these times! Keep writing and keep shining, gal! You are just awesome and amazing! :) :) :)
          Hoping you don't find my message offensive in any way. 


hiii i was really enjoying your book, How to Survive a Reckless Boy, i even paid to read the rest of it! however, chapters 9 up until the end all read the same thing about “oops, something went wrong” and not being able to load, but i am in fact connected to wifi. i saw that someone else was experiencing the same issues. not sure if it’s something you could fix? hope you see this :)


@heather_is_superc00l hi I’m not sure why this is happening. Have you tried removing the book from your library, logging out from wattpad, logging back in and then re adding the book? If that doesn’t help you can submit a ticket to wattpad support here:


How To Survive A Reckless Boy was an amazing book!! I read it before it became a paid story, which is a shame because I would have loved to support you! It's in my archive list so I know I'll be back to read it! So then, I will support you :) I'm writing a book myself, the genre is bad boy because who doesn't like bad, reckless boys, am I right? Haha