So yeah, I suck at about me's so I will probably ramble on a bit. You don't have to read this if you don't want and most people never will, but I hate having blank spaces so I have to fill this in. 

I think I have OCD with certain things and my favorite color is blue.

I just graduated in 2012!

Whooo 2012!!!

And I am an aspiring editor or journalist. If anyone Is looking for one I would love to help, I can't guarantee that I will catch everything but I can try.

I love to read so if you have anything good send it my way.

Recently I have been reading One Direction Fanfic's and although I had never heard of them before hand I have fallen in love with the characters and now have a new favorite yeah kinda random but awesome.

You can always contact me through Wattpad or my email Well at least it is long enough that its not just a big box without writing so I am done rambling now. Bye.
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lilys4kasey lilys4kasey Jun 30, 2013 07:58AM
Hey everybody, so I stumbled upon this advice website that is new and I think that it could use some help, so if anyone needs advice or something you should go check it out!
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